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My method of Intuitive Hypnotherapy is a very gentle technique and heart-centred intuitive approach which is normally a lighter state of hypnosis where you will remember everything and NEVER lose control. It is important for you to understand that your subconscious mind has your best interest at heart so it will guide you to healing every time.  You will always have control over what you say and do.​

What Hypnosis isn't?  loss of control, sleeping, hallucinating, losing consciousness, blacking out, or amnesia. 

I do all my sessions online which is very effective, it is actually better than you being in the same room. 

It has the benefit of reducing the stress of traveling and relaxing in the comfort of your own home

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Memories Library - Regression

Regression is a hypnotherapy technique that is used to retrieve past memories, traumas, events, and patterns that may still be influencing your life today, It is possible to grow and heal from your past and move forward.

1 Hour Session

Body Wisdom Protocol

Give yourself some clarity for what the body needs for healing, feeling
better, and foster self-love.

1 Hour Session

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Chakra Healing

Heal all 7 of your chakras and feel more aligned in your body. Be introduced to your spirit guide

and enter a healing temple... 

1 Hour Session

Soul Journey

Reconnect with your guides and remember soul connections that may span time and realms.

To feel a deep deep experience of love.

To recalibrate the energy on the soul level aligning with the body. To expand intuitive awareness and alignment. To know and feel your life purpose. To feel deep wholeness and comfort in the body often never felt before.

1h 30 Minute Session

Forgiveness Garden

If you are ready to set yourself free from old events and storylines.

1 Hour Session

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